What’s Your Favorite Ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Why?

Today’s Monday Poll takes us to the Park that is frequently treated as the least of Walt Disney World’s four gates. But Disney’s Animal Kingdom is often a favorite for younger children. The only ride my youngest went on at Animal Kingdom was Kilimanjaro Safaris, and that reluctantly. But he drank in his surroundings, and still talks about going back to Animal Kingdom five months later.

So what’s your favorite ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Why? Share you’re Animal Kingdom experiences in the comments.

17 thoughts to “What’s Your Favorite Ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Why?”

  1. My favorite ride at Grrranimal Kingdom would have to be Dinosaur.. I know everyone loooves the Everest but I find it too intense for me! The attention to detail and the fact that at rope drop Dinosaur is deserted in favor of that “other” ride makes for a most excellent experience! I ride at least twice.. Then head to the safari.. A cup of coffee and a pastry is on the walk toward it.

  2. I have ridden all the “thrill” rides at the world and the ONLY one that scares me is Dinosaur. I dont know why but that one gets me ever time. Just when i THINK I have it figured out where the stupid dinosaur will pop out …WRONG!! Of course my fave would be EE. If only the Disco Yeti was fixed. Kind of sad. We love the safari and always try to get to that one first thing in morning when the critters are all out feeding.
    This park is to often overshadowed by the other 3. It is a great, funfilled park with some amazing restaurants as well. Yak and Yeti’s, Tuskerhouse and the Flaming Tree BBQ.

  3. If limiting the poll to rides, our favorite is Killamanjaro Safaris. We love the opportunity to see the animals and how each trip is different. If expanding the question to attractions, I’d have to add Festival of the Lion King to the mix; Tumble Monkeys rock! Broaden the question to include food, grab the chicken meal from Flame Tree Barbeque and wind your way down to the covered pavillion near the water to eat. It offers a quiet place to rest, a fun view Everest, and some Animal Kingdom “residents” like ducks, fish and turtles. We even saw a baby gator their during one visit.

  4. Haven’t ridden Expedition Everest yet, so I’d have to say Kali River Rapids. I think it’s only because it’s my son’s favorite at AK, therefore it’s my favorite. During our last trip, he rode it four times in a row — twice with me and twice with my wife. Now that’s he big enough to ride Expedition Everest, I’m anxious to see if that jumps to the top of my list.

  5. I answered Everest, because even without the Yeti, the theming from the minute you approach the queue through the end of the ride is so wonderfully immersive. In fact, I think that’s what I like most about Animal Kingdom in general. While Disney does a great job with the detailed theming of individual lands and attractions all over, I don’t think any of the parks overall are as seamlessly themed and immersive as Animal Kingdom. I rode Everest with my daughter twice back in October, and we’d have ridden again if my son wasn’t falling asleep and ready to head back to the resort. I watched a YouTube ride video of Everest with my son over the weekend, and he says that he wants to ride it the next time we’re in Animal Kingdom. We’ll see when that time comes if he really does.

    I almost answered Kilimanjaro Safaris, because I love that the whole family can ride together, even when a child is as ride-averse as my 3-year-old son was at the time of our visit in October. But honestly, I wasn’t blown away. The “story” felt contrived and inauthentic. The viewing angles of animals from the ride vehicle were awkward. And I may be a bit spoiled by the excellent new Africa exhibit that opened at the Kansas City Zoo a couple of years ago. We’ve visited it frequently, and get great, close-up, views of animals in ways that just aren’t possible from a moving vehicle.

  6. My answer is basically a copy of Aaron’s. The theme and overall experience of Expedition Everest puts it above the rest. I love the safari, but they do lose points over the dumb poacher storyline.

  7. Did you guys read Fed’s and laugh your butts off? Fed a thrill junky!!!??? WOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  8. I did, Matt!

    I’ve never ridden Everest (being a wimp), so I’ll answer the Safari. But a close second is the immersion up at the animal hospital. Hanging out with my daughter doing this while my boys hit the coasters is a welcome change from the other parks

  9. I have not ridden Everest, Kali Rapids, Dinosaur or Primeval Whirl, so I voted the Safari. Every time we’ve been recently the kids have been to short for the bigger rides, or it was too cold for the Rapids. I’m looking forward to the next time we are there where I’ll have a few willing partners for the thrill circuit at AK.

  10. I have to say that middlepat took the words right out of my mou… keyboard. I hope to ride EE, Kali, and Dinosaur for the first time on our next trip.

  11. Gotta say that Everest is my favorite followed by Dinosaur and the Safari, not necessarily in that order. I’ve never ridden Primeval Whirl so I can’t say anything about that one, but I’m not a Kali fan. The theming for that ride is excellent and it has a lot of potential, but it is just way too short.

  12. Wow, looks like I’m late to the party. While I thoroughly enjoy EE both for the immersible themeing and the thrill factor, I’m going to have to give the slightest edge to the safari. But only because we can ride it as a family. Once my kids are tall enough, though, my rankings are almost certain to change. 🙂

  13. OK…voted for Expedition Everest…cause well…it’s DS11’s favorite… and I enjoy riding it with him.

    However I love Animal Kingdom for many more reasons. I just find it a totally relaxing day when we go there…as it is more about exploring and seeing what you can see rather than lets get here to do what we can do. Animal Kingdom is a full day park…every time I’ve been has been open to close.

  14. I’m a coaster junkie, too, so EE is my pick. There’s a zoo close to my house in Virginia where the (unthemed, tractor out in a field) ride is SO much more interactive. I have pictures of my then-3yo petting animals that are 30ft away on Kilimanjaro Safari. It really lessens the experience at Disney.

  15. I can not vote, due to my first visit to Walt Disney World is not untill September 2012. I have seen many people on other sites talk about just doing AK in the morning, to me this seems crazy. As trennr said it seems like a very relaxing day that would be perfect for a laid back no ruch atmosphere. I am planning AK in the middle of my trip.

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