What is a DIS Dad? DIS Dads are a self-identified group of Walt Disney World fans, who have been gathering (and continue to gather) on the DIS Boards and share our unique perspective as members of the male minority in the Disney fan world in a series of threads called the DIS Dads Club threads.

So why have another web page, like this one? Think of this as our own little Goofy’s Clubhouse (Goofy being the adopted mascot of the DIS Dads). The DIS Dads Club threads are pretty ephemeral – they’re water cooler conversation. The conversation moves quickly and each thread only lasts a few months. Here in our Clubhouse, we can drop roots a bit.

Just to be perfectly clear, this website is not in any way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, The DIS – Pete Werner’s Unofficial On-Line Guide to Disney World, The DISboards.com, or any other organized entity, for that matter. This website is what happens when a DIS Dad who’s a bit of a technology geek happens to notice that the domain “disdads.com” is available. Nothing more, and nothing less. Are you a DIS Dad? Come by and say Hey Howdy Hey ┬áin the current DIS Dads Club thread on the Disboards (linked from the home page of this site). If you still think you want to hang with us after reading there, post your interest and someone will be along to assign your DIS Dads Club Member Number.

-AJRitz, DIS Dads Club Member #420

DIS Dads Club Membership Criteria
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  1. Glad to have you aboard Rich! To get yourself a Dis Dads Club member number, head over to our discussion sub-forum at the Disboards, and post a message in the current Dis Dads Club thread (we’re on number XI at the moment). Don, a/k/a Emma’s Dad will be around to assign your number.

  2. Hey Aaron,

    Just finished lunch with Paul (RodBelding) and he mentioned I should take a look over here. How do I get sign in credentials? I m #714 over on the DisBoards and would love to get in over here. I qualify completely to the point I have been to DW 7 times in the last 5 years. My kids are in training to be Disney fanatics as well. Thanks, Jim

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